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The System Architect is a business technology company that helps businesses choose and manage business technology, and processes. We provide strong and scale-able solutions. We work as an extension of your organization, providing Knowledge as a Service, and on-demand resources for your ever changing business.

Our technology professionals have more than 20 years of business experience. Our members come from various business backgrounds which include insurance, mortgage lending, engineering, health care, retail, software development, network/telephone communications, and non-profit organizations to name a few.

We architect and build hardware and software systems as well as review current business processes and services. The websites we create offer more than your company’s information, they can be tied into your company databases, applications, and business operations to provide both insight on your clients and data management to streamline your business processes. The network and server infrastructures we create and maintain provide speed and stability. We implement system backup redundancy to keep your business up and running, and scale-ability to grow you business without the constant cost of adding more equipment. The desktop deployment and maintenance we provide increases productivity by speeding up daily tasks, and reduces downtime by using good business equipment and configuring them properly.

Whether resolving an issue, or designing new custom solutions to help support your company’s employees and processes, we treat your business as our own by doing everything possible to see your business and employees succeed.

We design, install, and support systems throughout Texas. Our premier support team manages branch systems throughout the US. Our secure remote employee sollutions allow company access anywhere in the world that stable internet service is available.

We empower your company’s most valuable assets – your employees and the relationships they build.

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